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Grab a nice bowl of noodle soup that is perfect for those cold days. Enjoy the change of weather with something that will warm you up. This will help you feel good and relaxed. These have no frills added and are purely just soup. Make sure you have something that will warm you up. We have some of the best Vietnamese noodle soup in Colorado Springs, CO.
Allow us to be your go to spot when it comes to noodles. We make it just how you want it for the best taste possible. This is a great way to spend those cold or rainy days. Grab a bowl inside our shop and enjoy this wonderful delicacy. Fill your stomach and warm your soul with a simple soup made just for you. Be sure to stop by today and experience it for yourself.
Here at our shop we use the freshest ingredients to maximize the flavor instead of cut corners like some places do. We pride ourselves on giving customers the best bang for their buck. We have one that is right for you and ready to be enjoyed. Also provided at our store is Bun Bo Hue. This is a rice and beef soup that is good for those that want a little meat added in. It is a popular soup that is spicy and addictive. Enjoy countless bowls that are freshly made for you.
Try the shrimp paste noodle for a little extra kick in flavor or Phnom Phen. We also have a crunchy seafood noodle perfect for those that love seafood. With so many soup options you are sure to find something that will satisfy your taste buds. We strive to win your palette over and be your next favorite place to go. Our food is always hot consistent to ensure you always get fresh quality.

Stop by today and warm up with the help of our delicious soups.

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