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For something different try out our sweet desserts. This is the best way to end a fantastic meal and treat yourself. We have Che which is a sweet, traditional dessert in the Vietnamese community. Make sure you are caffeinated with the help of Vietnamese iced coffee and ready to take on the day with a little boost of energy. Our restaurant provides our customers with Vietnamese dessert in Colorado Springs, CO.
Along with Che and coffee we also have the popular Boba! This is a fun bubble tea that contains little beads of tapioca or fruit jellies depending on how it is made. By putting in these beads the tea is frothy and gives a fun texture to try. These types of teas are increasing in popularity as more Boba tea stores pop up. The kind that we have is authentic and so delicious! We have some of the best Boba around so why not stop by for a taste? It is strong, sweet and refreshing after a long day of work, school and life.
We provide you with premium options that are affordable and always delicious. Our goal is to give each and every customer something they are satisfied with. Grab a cup of Boba or even some Che for an incredible tasting experience. As always our staff provides you with excellent customer service that you will enjoy. We are also welcoming and helpful to ensure you get all questions answered. Speak with a staff member to find different things to try out.
Relax in our comfortable atmosphere that is happy to assist you. We want you to feel at ease when you step into our store. Forget the stresses of everyday life and relax with a refreshing dessert. We even serve Café Da which is popular and delectable type of Vietnamese coffee loved by many. Have your parties at our store to give guests a unique experience they will always talk about.

Visit our store today to get a dessert or iced coffee you will enjoy.

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